Putting the Faux in Fur

Our must-have accessory for this Winter is a Faux Fur scarf, and luckily we have found the perfect ones! Goodbye Faux, Hello Luxe…
We chat to India, designer of these beautiful creations, as she shares with us the history of Ida Faux Fur.

Our Style Inspirations of the Faux Fur Scarf…

How did Ida Faux Fur come to life? 

Ida Faux Fur was born in the Autumn of 2015. Ida stands for India (me) Denis (my husband) and Ari (my son) My husband and son are my biggest fans and my motivation.
I studied Fashion at the acclaimed Whitehouse Institute of Design in Sydney.  When I was 21 I bought my very first Faux Fur jacket. It was an orangutan colour and was not particularly soft. But when I put it on I felt strong, feminine and glamorous. I developed an obsession with faux fur because of the way it empowered me. I knew then that acrylic fur would be my fabric of choice. I wanted to be the driving force behind a brand that produces product that empowers its customers.
We use only the highest quality faux fur. Our fabric is so soft that it is often mistaken for real fur.

What’s your must have piece from Ida’s AW16 collection & how will you be styling it? 

In terms of a must have piece, it completely depends on your own personal style, body type and colouring. I have the luxury of not having to choose just one. My favourite AW16 piece changes from week to week, this week I’m enjoying the Paloma collar. I find it an easy style to through over my shoulders to add texture and warmth to my outfits. Ida is incredibly versatile. You can literally wear it with anything from gym gear, to street wear to formal wear.

What is your Autumn luxe duo?

I love statement accessories (obviously) for me the ultimate luxe duo this winter would be Dior sunglasses and a piece from our AW16 collection. Both are bold and timeless.

What do you love about Australian style? 

Good Australian style should look effortless. Ironically effortlessness can be difficult to achieve. But as a general rule simple clothes are best and statement accessories are a must. I think most Australian designers do this very well. 

India, Ida Faux Fur.

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